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Leaseful is a safe and simple way to find temporary housing across the country.

Pulling all nighters, student loans, and ramen for dinner… again. College life ain’t easy. We think subleasing your apartment should be. So we’ve created an easy way to book temporary housing across the country. It’s safe. It’s simple. It’s Leaseful.

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Search for available furnished rooms and apartments posted by other college students and Leaseful Partners.

Book and Pay

Message with a host, send a booking request, and safely and securely book and pay for your furnished room all on our platform. We carefully screen all hosts, verify student identity and require .edu addresses to join. Your safety is important to us.

Host Protection and Rent Guarantee

Every apartment on Leaseful is protected for $500,000 in damages. Goodbye, Security Deposits. If you sublease your place on Leaseful, we guarantee that you will receive the full amount of the reservation. Goodbye, Credit Checks.

College Subleasing Made Easy

Long gone is the monotonous paperwork, 20% broker fees, $5000 security deposits, or credit checks. Use our website or iOS app to book your dream sublet or list your open room.

Subleasing. Simplified.

We’ve made the subleasing process simple and safe. Search now to discover beautiful spaces around the country.

  1. He needs a college sublease. We can help with that.

  2. John searches Leaseful and finds a few places he loves. He sends a message to each of the hosts and requests to book a 2 month stay.

  3. One of the hosts, Helen, reads John’s message. John seems like a good guy. Helen accepts the booking request.

  4. John is informed that his booking has been confirmed, and his credit card is charged for his first month’s rent. The other booking requests that he sent out are automatically cancelled, and the potential hosts are informed. Sorry, slowpokes.

  5. Move-in day has arrived. Helen receives John’s payment for the first month’s rent, straight to her Venmo or bank account. John gets the keys to Helen's place and moves in. It’s exactly as described and he couldn’t be happier.

  6. It’s been exactly a month since John moved in. That means it's time for John to be charged for his second month’s rent. No need to do anything, buddy, we've got this covered automatically for you.

  7. Helen automatically receives John’s payment. Cha-ching!

  8. It's rent time again! John has been staying at Helen’s place for two months now. He’s only staying for another 15 days, so that’s exactly what he's charged for this time around.

  9. Helen is getting pretty rich at this point. She has just received John’s third and final payment.

  10. It's time for John to move out. He simply packs up, leaves the keys as instructed by Helen, and goes on his way.

  11. Find Your Perfect Sublease Now

"Compared to the other sites I tried (including Airbnb), Leaseful provided the best ease of use and diversity of options to sublease."

Mikchael L. - Oregon (UO)

"Leaseful is an excellent way to find the right person to sublease your apartment to. They reach out for you and help you through the whole process. I really recommend it!"

Mary A.

"As a host, Leaseful is the only way to go. I got paid on time, and I felt totally comfortable subleasing my place to a verified guest."

Kristine G. - Michigan (UM)

"Leaseful made subleasing my apartment incredibly easy. I was able to find someone to rent my apartment late in the summer when I thought there was no hope."

Tyler G. - Dallas (SMU)

3 Reasons to Use Leaseful Today


Your apartment isn’t going to sublease itself.


Finding a room on Craigslist doesn’t exactly scream safety and security.


That semester in Europe will be less amazing if you’re still paying for an empty room back at school.

“I don’t really need any extra money.”

...said no one ever. Sign up to become a Leaseful host and list your empty space today.

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